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Rapid Integrations Promote Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation with Acumatica Integrations

Empower Growth with Rapid Integrations

Growth-oriented companies face mounting competition and complexity. As a result, they turn to technology to drive efficiency and gather strategic insights. However, new applications often hinder profitability rather than transform the business. After all, integrating disparate technologies can require enormous resources and still fail to provide visibility and interoperability.

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Acumatica’s future-proof cloud ERP system offers the rapid integrations and open architecture companies need to centralize their technology stack and obtain real-time insights. Companies can leverage plug-and-play access with 80 native technology integrations. Deploy an ERP application with tailored integrations for construction, distribution, manufacturing, and retail-commerce industries. Choose from nearly 300 pre-built connections on the Acumatica Marketplace.

Acumatica’s open architecture and contract-based APIs are designed to survive upgrades, protecting your ERP investment without costly source code modifications or code conflicts. Additionally, flexible import and export scenarios transfer batches of data without coding.


To remain competitive, organizations are attempting to streamline their organizations through digital transformations. This Solution Brief explores the nine benefits of Acumatica’s rapid integrations.


The Keys to a Growth-Oriented Infrastructure

Foster Innovation with a Modern Future-Proof Platform

Limited, disconnected, and aging technology platforms prohibit organizations from digitally transforming operations and benefitting from specialized, modern applications. Acumatica’s modern xRP platform alleviates connectivity challenges by facilitating rapid integrations with no-code and low-code integration tools that require minimal development expertise or investment. 


Streamline Processes with Connected Workflows

Streamline Processes with Connected Workflows

Information silos impede progress, increase manual errors, and inhibit collaboration. Acumatica optimizes processes by seamlessly connecting workflows across different systems and departments. Plug-and-play integrations extend the core ERP system to create a cohesive business solution with centralized data and cross-departmental workflows. Users access different software without toggling between disparate applications or re-entering data. Artificial intelligence with machine learning further automates business processes. The centralized database ensures teams continuously work with up-to-date, accurate, and complete information for financials, customer management, and projects.


Strengthen Operations with Robust, Embedded Financials

Strengthen Operations with Robust, Embedded Financials

Companies jeopardize their long-term profitability when they cannot efficiently control expenses, connect processes, or continually optimize operations. Acumatica’s comprehensive and connected business management suite delivers the best-in-class financial management applications, automation, and configuration options they need to control costs, streamline operations, and boost profits. For example, companies can efficiently capture all expenses and employee time entries through native mobile apps. In addition, Acumatica features built-in approval workflows and enables users to understand timelines and coordinate tasks for accurate billing.


Deliver End-to-End Transparency with a Centralized Tech Stack

Deliver End-to-End Transparency with a Centralized Tech StackOrganizations that are forced to navigate disconnected systems cannot extract real-time insights or connect workflows essential to driving growth. Acumatica eliminates functional silos by integrating external and internal systems into a cohesive technology stack. The ERP platform consolidates real-time and historical data from each system, converts it into data-driven insights, and delivers anytime, anywhere access via a centralized database and mobile framework. As a result, companies can harness real-time data throughout their global enterprise to create on-demand reports, robust business intelligence, and role-based dashboards.


Provide Best-in-Class ERP Services for Your Industry

Provide Best-in-Class ERP Services for Your Industry

Employees in rapidly growing companies often juggle divergent responsibilities and must navigate multiple systems to perform daily tasks and access information. As a result, they struggle to force-fit specialized requirements into an inflexible, agnostic platform. Acumatica delivers the specialized integrations and embedded functionality needed to digitize operations and the flexibility to adapt processes to unique business needs. In addition, Acumatica industry editions provide a robust set of native integrations that connect organizations to the hardware and software systems they need most.


Use Native Integrations to Connect Disparate Systems without Coding

Use Native Integrations to Connect Disparate Systems without CodingBusinesses make substantial time, labour, and financial investments to connect new systems into ballooning technology stacks. They must also continually enhance and maintain existing integrations to prevent breaking during system upgrades. Acumatica native integrations eliminate costly implementations, maintenance, and support by connecting varied applications and hardware devices with no-code and low-code tools. As a result, companies can connect their ERP platform with dozens of best-in-class applications out-of-the-box. Native integrations provide specialized support for various functions and operations, like construction estimating, route management, and commerce storefront sales. For example, the Microsoft Teams integration fosters communication while enabling users to share information and perform tasks on one centralized system.


Leverage Hundreds of Certified Marketplace Integrations

Leverage Hundreds of Certified Marketplace Integrations

Digital transformation requires automating end-to-end processes, which involve multiple systems. However, adding new technology introduces risk. Integrations can prove costly to develop while lengthy implementations stifle digital transformation initiatives. Companies must rapidly and seamlessly connect systems and data to protect integrated workflows and maintain data integrity. The Acumatica Marketplace offers close to 300 pre-built applications that Acumatica tests and certifies.


Develop Custom Integrations with Open Architecture and APIs

Develop Custom Integrations with Open Architecture and APIs

Companies must remain agile to address evolving customer demands and intense global competition. Adding new technologies arms business executives with the firepower to flex their business model as long as they can efficiently incorporate new business applications and hardware into a centralized platform. Acumatica empowers companies with the flexibility to extend their ERP platform. The open architecture and contract-based APIs are cornerstone integration components optimized for performance and built to support upgrades without service disruption. They streamline workflows and data connections between applications.


Transfer Data Efficiently with Import/Export Scenarios

Transfer Data Efficiently with ImportExport Scenarios

Scalability ranks as a top priority for organizations seeking to break into new markets. Supporting new customers and managing expanding product and service offerings requires transferring and manipulating large amounts of data from disparate applications.

Acumatica Data Exchange Services efficiently migrate large volumes of data from various systems without coding. Import and export scenarios facilitate manual, one-time data migrations and scheduled, recurring data migrations. Data Exchange Services also streamline data management and enable organizations to efficiently onboard acquired companies by connecting their database with Acumatica or migrating data to Acumatica as a new branch or business entity.


Transform Operations and Prepare for the Future with Acumatica Rapid Integrations

Transform Operations and Prepare for the Future with Acumatica Rapid IntegrationsCompanies pursue digital transformation to streamline end-to-operations and prepare for future challenges. However, hefty technology investments often fail to produce the transformative results and strategic insights needed to combat intensifying competition. Therefore, organizations spend countless hours developing complex integrations while employees struggle with multiple sets of information and manual processes. 

Acumatica provides the rapid integration capabilities organizations need to transform their operations and compete in today’s digital world. The future-proof platform connects all application data in a centralized database and provides a real-time 360-degree view of every business area. As a result, companies make better decisions faster.

The keys to digital transformation success include:

• Future-Proof Platform: An adaptable cloud-native platform that provides low-code or no-code customization tools, an open architecture, and import/export scenarios.

• Robust Functionality: A full-suite ERP with robust financial management, accounting, inventory management, project accounting, real-time analytics, reporting, and CRM.

• Specialized Industry Editions: Construction, Distribution, General Business, Manufacturing, and Retail-Commerce.

• Native Integrations to about 80 leading software and hardware systems.

• Acumatica Marketplace with nearly 300 integrations certified by Acumatica.





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