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Grow your business with Aqurus Solutions

Grow your business with Aqurus Solutions


How to Grow Your Business Faster with Cloud ERP


Discover why leading organizations modernize their accounting and customer-facing operations with Acumatica General Business Edition and manage their financial backbone, streamline operating costs, and win new revenue opportunities. Learn how to grow your business faster with Aqurus Solutions and Acumatica.


Why Growing Organizations Thrive with Acumatica Cloud ERP


Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) have not had the same opportunity as larger enterprises to manage their companies with robust, modern software applications. Legacy ERP systems and entry-level accounting software provide limited functionality, and they are difficult to integrate with add-on applications when companies need to round out their core business requirements. Customer satisfaction declines due to delayed resolutions, lacklustre service and support, and inaccurate billing.

Entrepreneurial organizations struggle to grow when they use disparate applications for customer management, reporting and analytics, project management, billing, and purchasing. Disconnected systems result in manual processes, lost revenue, and unpredictable cash flow.

Designed for companies with limited inventory requirements, Acumatica General Business Edition is the ideal solution for service, non-profit, financial, municipal, and other companies. The true cloud solution provides unparalleled functional depth for businesses and organizations that seek a modern ERP application with embedded customer management capabilities to minimize costs and boost revenue while exceeding customer expectations. It enables you to grow your business to the next level with unparalleled functional breadth across an extensive suite of connected applications for accounting, projects, cases, analytics, and customer management.


Just because you’re not an enterprise doesn’t mean you have to settle for legacy ERP or entry-level accounting software. Grow your business faster on a future-proof cloud ERP platform.

Acumatica General Business Edition gives growing companies the tools they need to increase revenue, reduce costs, and exceed customer expectations.

In this eBook, you’ll discover how to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your operations.
  • Make better decisions about growing your business.
  • Avoid rising costs and bad service from your ERP vendor.
  • Eliminate data silos and capture data faster.
  • Hear success stories from companies that are thriving with Acumatica.


Partner with an ERP Vendor Who Cares

Aqurus Solutions delivers Functionality, Streamlined Processes & Continuous Improvement in ERP Software Solutions

Partner with an ethical ERP leader focused solely on your business application. Choose a reliable ERP veteran centered on growing mid-market businesses and organizations through innovative technologies.

Most enterprise software customers have a lukewarm relationship with their vendor, at best. Constant annual price increases with little return from minor product enhancements gouge users. As your software grows older, your ERP vendor shifts maintenance and support revenue to other software products. Mediocre customer support prevents users from getting the most out of the system, while high call volumes and frequent turnover of support staff only frustrate users. Soaring user license fees make it too costly for all employees and external business partners to gain access to the application.

Acumatica has purposely defined customer-friendly policies to delight users. Stable ERP pricing—including unlimited users and flexible deployment options—reduces costs and increases profits. Support from both Acumatica and your partner Aqurus Solutions ensures client issues will be resolved efficiently. Semi-annual product releases pack in new cloud-based enhancements with modern features such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).


With Aqurus and Acumatica, we deliver 3 outcomes:
  1. Core business functionality up and running. We empower our customers with self-service resources towards a streamlined Phase 1 implementation. Our Agile implementation methodology can get you up and running in as little as 30 days.
  2. Streamlined Business Processes. Once the core is running, now we optimize for efficiency. No more spreadsheets, manual processes, or disconnected systems to manage multiple companies, branches, business units, and reporting. Automate using scanning devices, automated processing, and workflows.
  3. Continuous Improvement. Like the Acumatica platform, we never sit still, and are always looking for ways to improve business efficiency, and deliver more business value every day through advanced technology, data, analytics, automation, or custom solutions.


What sets Aqurus Solutions apart?
Our commitment to Continuous Improvement is what sets us apart. Getting up and running with a streamlined ERP system is just the beginning. We passionately look for areas to streamline business processes, and learn how we can use advanced technologies to enable real solutions.


What is the team at Aqurus Solutions looking forward to/planning for the future? 
Integrated eCommerce:
The world has experienced an accelerated digital transformation over the last years. We have just scratched the surface of the power of fully integrated eCommerce solutions. We are excited to work with small-mid sized businesses to develop and enhance their online customer experience, through integrated eCommerce solutions featuring Acumatica ERP and Shopify.
Advanced Technologies:
Advanced technologies include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Blockchain, and advanced data and analytics. While these are trending business technology topics, they are not widely adopted with small-mid sized businesses. We are excited to help our customers improve their bottom line, and deliver more value to their customers every day, using practical applications of these technologies.
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