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Acumatica Partner Aqurus: 10 Years of Partnership

Aqurus Gold-Certified Partner Reaches 10 Years of Partnership with Acumatica

10-Year-Partner-Award #Acumatica Summit

Aqurus Solutions is proud to announce that we have been a gold-certified partner of Acumatica for over ten years.  Since 2010, Aqurus has been providing industry-leading ERP products and service to customers across Western Canada.  Our long-term commitment to Acumatica is a reflection of our loyalty and dedication to our customers.  We believe in providing continued excellence, and we are always searching for new ways to deliver more value to our customers.  President Murray Quibell is excited to have reached this milestone with Acumatica:  “We’re thrilled to have had such a long and successful partnership with Acumatica.  Our company has grown and changed in so many ways over the past decade, but one thing that hasn’t is our commitment to providing excellence, to our customers, in partnership with Acumatica”.  Aqurus is looking forward to the continuation of our partnership with Acumatica and all the exciting opportunities the future will bring!

Learn how to grow your business faster with Aqurus Solutions and Acumatica.

With Aqurus and Acumatica, we deliver 3 outcomes:
  1. Core business functionality up and running. We empower our customers with self-service resources towards a streamlined Phase 1 implementation. Our Agile implementation methodology can get you up and running in as little as 30 days.
  2. Streamlined Business Processes. Once the core is running, now we optimize for efficiency. No more spreadsheets, manual processes, or disconnected systems to manage multiple companies, branches, business units, and reporting. Automate using scanning devices, automated processing, and workflows.
  3. Continuous Improvement. Like the Acumatica platform, we never sit still and are always looking for ways to improve business efficiency and deliver more business value every day through advanced technology, data, analytics, automation, or custom solutions.


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