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Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips

Real-Time Data with Acumatica ERP Software

Acumatica’s latest software brings with it increased improvements and options for viewing data in real time.  Set up custom dashboards with ease and view the data that’s important to you and your company, whenever you need it and wherever you are.

Aqurus and Acumatica are always working with the goal of providing ongoing enhancements to your user experience.  That’s why one of our core company values is Continuous Improvement.  Like the Acumatica platform, we never sit still and are always striving to deliver more.  We are always looking to improve business efficiency and deliver more business value every day through advanced technology, data, analytics, automation, and custom solutions.  



One of Acumatica’s growing strengths lies in its ability to instantly provide you with real-time data instantaneously.  When you need the latest information at your fingertips, Acumatica has it ready for you.  There’s no need to comb through endless lists of data or spreadsheets- the data you need is displayed where you need it, when you want it.  The days of waiting for reports to be run for days, weeks, or months are over.  Once the base system is in place with data captured in real-time, you have real-time data at your fingertips.  Render the data immediately and automatically, wherever and however you want.


Here are some examples of some dashboards and analytics we have delivered to our customers:



Acumatica is flexible and tailored to your needs:  See all the data, stats, and key info you need, when you need it.




Instantly access the status of your orders and inventory to optimize each aspect of your order fulfillment system and supply chain.  Custom dashboards let you access the data most valuable to your business.



Track your revenue stream & cash flow with ease.  You’ll never have to dig through mountains of paperwork again to gain a comprehensive understanding of your company’s sales, profits, and key trends.




Aqurus and Acumatica know how important customer service is, both to our customers and yours.  Acumatica’s real-time data capabilities give you the capacity to instantly access key customer info and trends, allowing you to best serve your clients.

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