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eCommerce Platform: Automate Omnichannel Sales and Cloud ERP Software

eCommerce Platform: Automate Omnichannel Sales and Cloud ERP Software

Why Retailers Adopt the eCommerce Platform with Omnichannel Sales Model 

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted our entire way of life. Consumer buying patterns and supply and demand changes have impacted the supply chain, adding pressure on companies to reach peak performance. "Global e-commerce rose from 15% of total retail sales in 2019 to 21% in 2021 and is expected to reach 27% globally (30% in North America) by 2026—13.1% annual growth. In-store sales are projected to grow as well, up 5.7% in the U.S. for 2022." - Page 1 - Omnichannel Readiness for Today’s Growing Companies

Please download this whitepaper to learn how Acumatica's Cloud ERP software helps you adopt an eCommerce platform omnichannel sales model in this 14-page whitepaper - Omnichannel Readiness for Today’s Growing Companies - A Digital Transformation Playbook for Progressive Merchants.

Download Whitepaper

This whitepaper covers proven omnichannel success factors to help you understand the omnichannel sales model. You will learn why your company may need to transform your business with cloud ERP software and the omnichannel sales model sooner than later.


How to Adopt the eCommerce Platform with Omnichannel Sales Model to Grow Your Business

Part of the challenge for retailers is that consumers have increased expectations and demands. As more consumers purchase online, they expect the shopping experience to be quick and easy. They want a hassle-free way to research, purchase, pick up and return merchandise online. "In fact, 90% of shoppers are more likely to choose a retailer based on convenience than any other factor." In light of these changes in consumer buying patterns, retailers must adapt to compete.  

The omnichannel sales model arises as a solution for retailers of all types in response to evolving buying patterns. Omnichannel is a term that includes selling through to consumers (B2C), commercial customers (B2B), or directly from the manufacturer to the end-user or consumer (D2C). Retailers must adopt the omnichannel model and prepare to undergo a digital transformation to survive. To continue to grow the business, these companies need a modern ERP software solution. 

Technology is vital for suppliers to efficiently stock, sell, deliver, and refund/exchange goods in this rapidly evolving environment. A modern ERP solution, like Acumatica Cloud ERP software, is crucial to managing your internal business processes and sales activity. Growing retailers who use entry-level accounting or legacy ERP systems must modernize customer-facing and internal business operations to remain competitive.


6 Key Features of Acumatica Cloud ERP


Learn why Acumatica is the leading modern cloud ERP software solution for small to mid-sized (SMB) growing businesses.

1. Best ERP Value

No per-user license fees mean reduced cost and enable all of your employees, contractors, key partners, etc., to use Acumatica as your single system of record.

2. Industry-Specific Versions

Acumatica is available in multiple versions that are tailored to specific industries, including small business, distribution management, retail and eCommerce, software and technology, and manufacturing.

3. Upgrade Your Legacy System Quickly

Acumatica was designed specifically to replace QuickBooks™, Sage™, Netsuite™, Dynamics GP™ and other legacy ERP solutions quickly and at a lower cost than comparable solutions.

4. 1,000s of Satisfied Customers

Since 2014, Acumatica has been the fastest-growing Cloud ERP Solution in the world – with over 5,000 satisfied customers worldwide. Click for details.

5. Complete ERP Solution

Acumatica ERP is a complete ERP solution. With core and add-on modules, you won’t need anything else to run your entire business now and in the future.

6. Technology Partners

Acumatica’s technology partners provide specialized applications that add additional functionality for Canadian businesses, including credit card processing, document management, and shipping software.

Acumatica/Aqurus Case Study

Aqurus Solutions Helps Retailers Save Time and Money With Acumatica

See how Aqurus Solutions consolidated multiple applications for Bentek Systems using Acumatica, eliminating over $80K/year in costs!

View Full Case Study

Trust an Acumatica Expert

At Aqurus, we know how valuable Acumatica ERP software is for businesses – especially those in Manufacturing, Distribution, eCommerce, and the retail industry. If you’re interested in how Acumatica’s Cloud ERP Software can boost your business, the Aqurus team is passionate about smooth implementation and ongoing support. Contact us today!

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