The Secret to eCommerce Success is the Right ERP

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How to Increase eCommerce Success with ERP On-Demand Webinar

Join Josh Fischer, Senior Product Manager for Acumatica, and Sachin Wadhawan, Director of Technology Partnerships for BigCommerce, as they explain how a commerce-enabled ERP is essential to your eCommerce success.
Discover the business benefits of eCommerce and ERP integration

eCommerce businesses need to compete with big players like Amazon and eBay, respond to customer needs quickly, and maintain healthy margins. The secret to eCommerce success is a streamlined back-office system, powered by robust ERP software.

Watch the on-demand webinar, How to Increase eCommerce Success with ERP, where you will discover: 

  • The challenges online sellers face in B2B and B2C eCommerce.
  • What ERP is and how it helps eCommerce business grow.
  • How integrated eCommerce and ERP work together to improve operations, margins, and customer experience. 
  • How to calculate how much the right ERP can increase the success of your online business.






What does the data tell us?
  • Retail (B2C) is estimated to grow at 6-8% per year through 2022. Slightly less each year.
  • B2B sales are estimated to grow at an increasing rate online at 6-8% per year through 2022
  • B2B sales are estimated to break 1 trillion this year.
  • B2B sales volume is nearly double B2C sales volume.
  • By 2021 an estimated 13% of B2B sales will happen online.


Selling online will continue to grow and will likely accelerate. Especially B2B online sales.


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Don’t Get Left Behind

eCommerce is growing rapidly, and it’s anticipated that 95% of purchases will be done online by 2040. Get ahead of the competition with an all-in-one integrated solution that combines Acumatica Cloud ERP, Aqurus Inventory Management, and your sales funnel.


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