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Bentek Systems Successful ERP Implementation

Aqurus Bentek Systems Case Study
Working with Aqurus was key to the successful implementation. “Murray has a broad knowledge of businesses of different types and understands accounting,” Theaker says. “His team understands data, reporting and business analysis, and they are quick to respond to questions and issues.”
Industry: Manufacturing


Bentek Systems:

The Company:

Founded in 1987, Bentek designs and manufactures innovative industrial wireless SCADA and Telemetry Solutions. From their facility in Calgary, Bentek Systems has been providing products and services to industries such as oil and gas, pipelines, water systems, mining and manufacturing across the globe. After continued expansion and success, Bentek was looking to eliminate bottlenecks and time wasted using multiple applications. By implementing Acumatica, Bentek consolidated various systems into a single, cloud-based system that streamlined company operations and positioned them for growth. 


“Our team couldn’t function without Acumatica. Without it, we were double-checking and doublechecking because our data was coming from too many places … Now we have a handle on our data and it is all in one spot.” – Joy Theaker, Office Manager, Bentek Systems


The Problem?

Bentek manufactures, sells and installs remote satellite monitoring systems for oil and gas producers and other industries worldwide. When a network issue caused their computer systems to go down, executives found it difficult to reconstruct internal systems to ensure data wasn’t lost. The team immediately realized the many programs and processes they put in place as they grew needed to be streamlined and consolidated.

When the team went through past invoices and tried to reconstruct existing company processes, they found there were too many steps and people involved, which led to paperwork and information stored in many disconnected data repositories. The processes were inefficient and left room for potential error. In the end, all of the programs were used for nothing more than day-to-day data entry.

There was no accountability or way to track an order from intake to final payment. As a result, inventory counts and value were not accurate and only updated in accounts at end of fiscal year. Bentek realized that all order, sales and shipping processes were disjointed and inefficient, which meant the company was almost certainly losing money.


The Solution?

In 2014, Bentek decided to implement Acumatica with the help of Murray Quibell, president of Aqurus Solutions Inc., an Acumatica Gold Certified Partner supporting Western Canada. Quibell had recognized the procedural problems a year earlier when Bentek first approached him about updating their financial and operations software. “I recommended that they address their business processes before implementing a new software system,” he says. Bentek agreed.

Bentek did evaluate NetSuite, but liked Acumatica’s all-inclusive user licensing, ease-of-use, cost-effectiveness and flexibility as well as Aqurus’ on-site setup and ongoing support.

After Bentek put new operating systems and processes into place, Aqurus rolled out Acumatica in three phases over the course of the year. Together, they drew up an implementation plan that documented best practices and identified the smoothest way to move off the eight packages Bentek had been using.


Working with Aqurus was key to the successful implementation. “Murray has a broad knowledge of businesses of different types and understands accounting,” Theaker says. “His team understands data, reporting and business analysis, and they are quick to respond to questions and issues.”


The Results?

  • Consolidated information—from quote to order to shipping to invoicing to payment; from many systems to a single system
  • Improved financial reporting capabilities
  • Improved job quoting, inventory counts and shipping
  • Better allocated costs and improved margins on items sold
  • Reallocated financial staff
  • Gained real-time insight from custom dashboards for better decision-making


Long-Term Outlook? 

  • Efficient accounting practices streamline workflow
  • Saved 100 hours a week with Acumatica
  • New insight brings greater efficiencies
  • Leveraging corporate intelligence for growth


Executives now have insight into the company’s financial health and can monitor in real-time margins on items and services sold. In addition, Bentek gained reporting capabilities it never even imagined. With optimized financial systems working in concert, Bentek now has the internal intelligence and operational insight executives need to grow well into the future.


I highly recommend Acumatica ERP to industry colleagues that are looking at implementation of an ERP system.” – Ben Yee, President, Bentek Systems


What can Acumatica MRP do for Your Business?


Acumatica Manufacturing Demos



Choosing an MRP suite with end-to-end manufacturing functionality gives your business the greatest advantage. More modules mean not only can that software grow with you and adapt to your changing needs, but it also provides functionality for your entire organization.


Acumatica is trusted by companies across many different industries. Want to hear how more customers successfully implemented Acumatica Cloud ERP and accelerated their businesses?  Acumatica Manufacturing Customer Success Stories



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