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Manufacturing Management System Evaluation Checklist

Manufacturing Management System Evaluation Checklist


Compare systems side-by-side across five categories





When you’re looking for a new manufacturing ERP system for your growing business, it’s often difficult to compare—but it doesn’t have to be. Just focus on the most important features and capabilities, and you can find the right system with far less hassle.


That’s exactly what you can do with your complimentary copy of the Manufacturing ERP Management System Evaluation Checklist.


With the Acumatica Manufacturing Management System Checklist, you can:

  • Discover nine ways your new system can increase productivity.
  • Focus on the 13 key pieces of manufacturing functionality.
  • Find out why “true cloud” technology and responsive design matter.
  • Avoid common pitfalls of software customizations and upgrades.
  • Learn 10 ways to reduce risk as you choose a new system.

Don’t get scared off by the complexity of many manufacturing ERP systems. This checklist will help you focus on the most essential functionality.


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