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Improve Manufacturing Cash Flow

Improve Manufacturing Cash Flow


Improve Manufacturing Cash Flow with a Flexible and Automated ERP Application


Quote-to-Cash Workflows



Get Paid Faster with Configurable Quote-to-Cash Workflows

Every manufacturer has a different quote-to-cash process. Some manufacturers forecast demand, build-to-stock, and fulfill orders from inventory. Engineer-to-order manufacturers use CAD applications to design custom products based on customer designs or internally developed specifications. Configure-to-order manufacturers set up features and options to create new items based on customer preferences. Estimating is critical for job shops that rarely stock products they quote and sell to customers. Acumatica Manufacturing Edition provides flexibility for different quote-to-cash workflows with applications to manage sales, inventory, purchasing, manufacturing, shipments, and accounting. Extended features include retail and commerce sales, field service appointments for installation and repair, and project accounting for jobs that include manufactured goods.

This Solution Brief illustrates how Acumatica supports simple and complex quote-to-cash processes for manufacturers. The quote-to-cash process comprises three phases and 14 unique steps that most manufacturers use with some variation.



How can you ensure you’ll always have the cash available to pay vendors and employees regardless of last quarter’s sales figures?

Find out in a new solution brief from Acumatica. You’ll discover how cloud ERP software can provide the tools you need to build a flexible and automated quote-to-cash process that helps you get paid faster.

Read this solution brief to find out:

  • Why your next ERP solution must support 14 unique steps across three distinct quote-to-cash phases.
  • How to convert quotes to sales orders and manage details for a clean handoff to manufacturing.
  • Which five steps are the key to optimizing production and fulfillment.
  • Why it’s essential not to ignore supporting applications and processes throughout the quote-to-cash cycle.
  • How to perfect your quote-to-cash processes with Acumatica Cloud ERP.


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