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Automated Data Capture for Manufacturers

Automated Data Capture for Manufacturers

Don’t let paperwork and manual data entry eat up time and budget that could be better spent on innovation and customer service


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What are your company’s most significant obstacles to growth? If you’re like most manufacturing professionals, you probably thought of increased global competition, more substantial price pressure, and a perpetual shortage of talent for hire. What you may not have considered is data entry.

Many manufacturers see data entry as merely a part of running a business. But as your competitors move off entry-level accounting systems, they’re eliminating paper-based processes and experiencing the benefits of automated data capture. Find out how you can do the same in a new solution brief from Acumatica.

Read this solution brief to find out how you can:

  • Get the most out of a wide range of data capture automation technologies.
  • Chart your journey to greater automation—and higher profits.
  • Start simple with automation projects that deliver a “quick win.”
  • Steer your implementation through four phases for a successful go-live.
  • Drive efficiency through your manufacturing processes with Acumatica automated data capture methods.





Automation Options

In 1974, the first UPC scanner was used to scan a 10-pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit chewing gum. Since then, automated data capture technologies have matured from barcodes to radio frequency identification (RFID) to PLC machine interfaces and artificial intelligence, and machine learning to automate data capture that could only be imagined just a few decades ago.



Where Are You in Your ADC Journey?

The strategies you implement for automated data capture depend on how far you are in your ADC journey. Manufacturers who are just starting will have few ADC processes in place using basic technologies. Manufacturers, further along, will have more automated processes using progressively advanced technologies. The first step is to understand where you currently are before developing an ADC plan.



4 Steps to ADC Success A successful ADC strategy starts with a solid foundation.

Begin with a modern Manufacturing ERP application that provides native data capture capabilities and an open architecture to connect advanced ADC technologies as you progressively automate data capture throughout inventory and manufacturing processes. Understand available options, research potential solutions, prioritize your initiatives, and develop a detailed project plan.



Implementation Phases

Now that you have a clear-cut, prioritized ADC plan in place – it is time to execute the plan. Execution covers four phases: Preparation, Go-Live, Review, and Continuous Improvement. Each phase is essential for the successful roll-out of new ADC strategies and the ongoing maintenance and support required to ensure their long-term success.


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