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Specialized Manufacturing ERP for Discrete and Process Production

Manufacturing ERP for Discrete

Acumatica Cloud ERP is Manufacturing ERP for Discrete and Process Manufacturers 

Manufacturing processes require specialized ERP solutions. Whether your business is a Discrete manufacturer or a Process manufacturer, Acumatica's Manufacturing Edition can support your needs. In fact, it's one of the few ERP systems that support both discrete and process manufacturing on a single platform. Here’s a closer look at how Acumatica cloud ERP supports Make-to-Stock (MTS), Make-to-Order (MTO), and Batch manufacturing methodologies across a spectrum of manufacturing industry segments.

The Differences in Manufacturing Processes

The most discernible differences between discrete and process manufacturing lie in what product is being made and the way the product is created. As an example, discrete manufacturing can be described as solid materials formed or assembled into a finished product. Even after that product is finished, it can be disassembled, the components changed or utilized for something else. Automobiles, tables, and computers are examples of discrete manufacturing products. Acumatica is great discrete manufacturing software for small to mid-sized growing manufacturing companies. 

On the other hand, for companies where recipes or formulas are used, this is referred to as process manufacturing. Process manufacturing is best described in any production process where liquids, powders, or gasses are mixed, blended, or combined to create finished goods. Once assembled or mixed, products cannot be taken apart. Process-manufactured products follow a strict recipe or formula, which creates different tracking requirements out of the manufacturing software. It's common that these companies must comply with rigorous standards which adds to the complexity. Examples of process manufacturers include pharmaceutical companies, food and beverage, cosmetics, and paint manufacturers.  

Acumatica Supports Your Unique Processes

Regardless of your manufacturing processes, Acumatica for Manufacturing enables your company to see your business from end to end. Your management teams will have real-time information from a filterable dashboard, automating your entire manufacturing process with seamless, multi-layer, end-to-end control of your production and your financials.  

Acumatica understands the things that unite discrete and process manufacturing, and that other needs cannot be more different from one another. Most manufacturing companies will need supply chain and inventory control management or accounting modules. However, a process manufacturer will also require formula management and higher safety and quality controls. Acumatica’s ERP solution provides your business with extensive functionality that can be customized to fit the needs of your business best.

Enhance Your Customer Experience

Without the right system, difficulties can arise if you are not keeping tabs on every part needed to build each piece of your product. Demand forecasting in Acumatica for Manufacturing tracks and automates product management, financial management and bill of material (BOM) management. Requests for quotes and job costing analytics are easily available, giving you the ability to provide timely customer service.  

Today’s consumers expect high-quality goods and on-time shipment to give you the best chance of them continuing to shop from you. Implementing an Acumatica ERP solution offers real-time production data to avoid bottlenecks and delays that damage customer confidence. Acumatica can help you to find the exact capabilities that benefit your discrete manufacturing needs.  

Benefits for Process Manufacturers

It’s not unusual to see toxic chemicals and materials in process manufacturing. Make compliance easier with tools in Acumatica that can help you meet strict employee safety guidelines and product quality control rules, whether it's a local or industry standard like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Internal Organization for Standardization (ISO). 

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition provides your business ease of use and rapid integrations with your existing platforms to connect to modern technologies, streamlined processes and meaningful insights into manufacturing operations. Robust accounting and connected project accounting extend the system to other business areas, including production, estimating, engineering, material planning, scheduling, and product configuration.

Aqurus is a Trusted Acumatica Partner

Aqurus believes in a custom approach to integrating MRP into your business. By providing better and targeted communications and AI-driven technologies to manage new customer care expectations, Acumatica’s applications can provide improved organization and efficiency to grow your business powerfully. 

At Aqurus, we know how valuable Acumatica ERP software is for businesses – especially those in Manufacturing, Distribution, eCommerce, and the retail industry. If you’re interested in how Acumatica’s Cloud ERP Software can boost your business, the Aqurus team is passionate about smooth implementation and ongoing support.  

Reach out today to discover how their expertise can help you create efficiencies and cost savings. Call (403) 768-0322 or email today! 

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