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Important Cloud ERP Selection Criteria for Distribution

Compare ERP Vendors for Distibrution Report

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Today, in what many are calling “the new now,” distributors are challenged like never before: Supply chain networks remain exceptionally complex and unpredictable, competition is tougher every day, and customer expectations are escalating. And, most important (and concerning), margins are slim (and getting slimmer).

It’s critically important to do everything that can be done to shave costs, increase revenue and boost profitability. The challenge is identifying the processes and functions where new efficiencies, a couple of pennies and a tenth of a percentage point of improvement can be found.

How can your organization get more efficient? The answer: By driving change in virtually every function.

Fix broken business processes. Eliminate workarounds and manual make-dos. Integrate core systems. Optimize purchasing. Maximize warehouse efficiency. Streamline logistics and shipping. Shorten the order cycle. Improve supply chain management. Accelerate invoicing. Enhance cash flow. Upgrade analytics. Enhance transparency and visibility into operations.

To do these things, you need the right ERP solution. But what is the best solution for your organization?

Whether your company is implementing an ERP system for the first time or replacing a legacy implementation, it’s critically important to make the right choice.

Analysts at Ultra Consultants have identified the most important ERP vendor selection criteria for distribution companies.

In this report, you’ll discover:

  • Five best practices for ERP vendor selection.
  • The most important ERP vendor selection criteria.
  • Lessons learned from the pandemic—and smart changes to make.
  • What sets Acumatica apart from other ERP vendors.
  • Five mistakes that derail ERP software selection.


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