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How to Find True Cloud Software for Distributors

Acumatica True Cloud-vs-Fake Cloud


How to find True Cloud Software for Distributors




Distributors: fake cloud distribution software may negatively affect productivity and your bottom line. The good news is that Acumatica’s latest whitepaper can help you find a true cloud ERP.

Do you know the difference between true or fake cloud distribution software? If not, our complimentary whitepaper, True Cloud vs. Fake Cloud: How Companies Can Tell the Difference in Distribution, delves into why it’s important to implement a true cloud ERP solution, the hazards of choosing one of the many fake cloud options on the market today, and how to differentiate between the two.

Every business is susceptible to choosing the wrong ERP for their needs, especially those who don’t do their fact-finding first. And “wrong”, in this case, means fake. As we note in the whitepaper, “Fake cloud software occurs when legacy applications are adapted and hosted on the internet, but never truly designed to be delivered and used via the cloud.”

Your firm needs real-time visibility into sales, order management, inventory, purchasing, production and services—and accounting information. Cloud solutions can help, but only if they’re built the right way. Before you consider implementing a cloud ERP solution, take the time to find out what constitutes a true cloud solution, and what distinguishes it from the many fake cloud solutions on the market. This whitepaper shows you how the cloud can enhance productivity and gives you eight reliable ways to identify true cloud distribution software.


In “True Cloud vs. Fake Cloud: How Companies Can Tell the Difference in Distribution,” you’ll find out:
Three reasons mobile devices alone can’t meet the need for real-time information.
Four ways the cloud can enhance productivity for distribution companies.
Five reasons legacy applications don’t play well with the internet.
Eight ways to identify true cloud software for distributors.
Where to see true cloud software in action.
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