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Distribution Edition: Complete, Connected, Mobile

Distribution Edition: Complete, Connected, Mobile

Ever considered implementing a more robust business system for your wholesale distribution business but felt intimidated by the complexity of distribution ERP? We have good news: with the right cloud ERP system, you can get all the functionality you need without committing to a substantial up-front investment, steep learning curve, and costly on-going maintenance.

Acumatica Distribution Edition enables distributors to manage their entire business on a single, future-proof cloud platform. Get the whole story in this new brochure.

Read this brochure to find out how you can:

  • Simplify item and inventory management—at last.
  • Boost sales with flexible pricing, promotions, and integrated CRM.
  • Optimize stock levels, increase inventory turns, and reduce carrying costs.
  • Reduce errors and improve customer satisfaction with native barcode printing and scanning.
  • Extend your platform with applications that are certified to work.

Leapfrog competitors with a modern, adaptable distribution ERP while your competitors struggle with entry-level accounting and inflexible legacy applications. This brochure will get you started. Download it now!

Complete Wholesale Distribution ERP

Acumatica Distribution Edition provides unparalleled distribution depth with an extensive suite of connected distribution applications for sales, inventory, purchasing, and warehouse management. Increase sales with opportunity tracking and sales quotes. Reduce carrying costs and eliminate stock-out situations with robust inventory replenishment. Manage omnichannel returns and exchanges with an integrated ticketing system.

Automate processes, improve data visibility, boost warehouse efficiency, and reduce costs with unique midmarket distribution features. Embedded warehouse management (WMS) and Automate and mobilize supply chain activities with a complete Distribution ERP built on a future-proof platform. purchase order requisition applications reduce dependence on third-party applications. Acumatica provides unique breadth with native document management, customer relationship management (CRM), project accounting, commerce, point of sale, expense management, payroll, and field service. A full suite of financial applications manages daily accounting tasks. Manage your entire business with powerful insights through configurable inquiries, personalized reports, role-based dashboards, and real-time business analytics.


Deep Industry Functionality

Thousands of distributors rely on Acumatica Distribution Edition. Simplify item and inventory management with matrix items, lot and serial tracking, and configurable unit of measure conversions. Boost sales with flexible pricing, promotions, and integrated CRM for marketing and sales automation. Powerful replenishment features optimize stock levels with increased inventory turns and lower carrying costs. Perishable inventory management is easy with lot expiration and first expired-first-out picking. Delight customers with stock reservations, faster order processing, and streamlined fulfillment.


Embedded Warehouse Management System with Barcoding

Reduce errors and improve customer satisfaction with native barcode printing and scanning. Validate items processes for order fulfillment, put-away, physical inventory, and other inventory transactions. Ruggedized scanners or mobile devices support popular linear, 2D, and GS1 barcode formats.


Future-proof Cloud Platform Ready for Modern Technologies

Wholesale distributors demand a modern platform built for speed and extensibility to connect external systems and data. The Acumatica xRP platform is a versatile architectural framework and application development platform that empowers distributors to tailor the software to the way they do business. Because Acumatica’s ERP platform technology uses standard web technologies and development languages, you can modify your business logic using the platform-tools to connect to external applications with ease. The platform is built on the world’s best cloud and mobile technology. Leverage Open APIs to connect to the Internet of Things (IoT), to capture data in real-time through machine interfaces, and to automate your warehouse with robotics, carousels, and other modern technologies.


The Trusted Leader in Usability and Value

Acumatica’s Customer Bill of Rights protects customers with an easy to understand End User License Agreement. It guarantees ERP implementations without hidden fees. The Bill of Rights outlines Acumatica’s commitment to consumption-based licensing that does not inhibit growth. It provides sustainable pricing models with limited price increases, deployment choice, and consistent customer service access. Further, it protects customers’ access to their data, anytime – even if they leave the Acumatica family.

Further, Acumatica is consistently rated high in both usability and value by industry analysts and users. Acumatica is ranked as a leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Midmarket Business ERP Applications. Advisory services provider Nucleus Research selected Acumatica as a market usability leader in their ERP Technology Value Matrix. The G2 user review site selected Acumatica as a Leader in the G2 Mid-Market Grid Report for ERP Systems. Acumatica maintains a near-perfect Overall User Rating on the Gartner Peer Insights report

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