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Why Distributors Choose Acumatica to Boost Sales and Automate Business Processes





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Wholesale distributors historically had limited ERP options to manage their businesses. Cost-conscious wholesalers built their businesses on entry-level accounting applications. These low-cost systems lack advanced inventory and warehouse management capabilities. Established distributors implemented specialized ERP applications built on aging technology platforms.

Connecting and extending entry-level and legacy systems with modern applications is costly. Distributors struggle to find plug-and-play operational systems for warehouse management, electronic data interchange, or shipping and logistics management. As supply chains get more complicated and customers’ demand shifts, distributors have to work harder to grow sales with disparate systems for customer relationship management, commerce storefronts, point of sale, and field services.

Acumatica Distribution Edition is unlike any other midmarket wholesale distribution ERP application. Built on a future-proof cloud platform, it incorporates everything progressive distributors need to manage all parts of their business in a single, connected system.

Until recently, choosing an ERP for distributors was a frustrating task. The most powerful platforms were too expensive—and frankly, offered too much functionality—to be a good fit for a midsized distributor. So most companies did the only thing they could: integrate specialized applications with their entry-level or legacy accounting systems and hope for the best.

Times have changed. Cloud ERP provides all of the business functionality you need in a single, cohesive platform. Best of all, you can go live without a lengthy implementation—and without taking on a huge software maintenance burden.




In this eBook, you’ll discover how to:

  • Manage sales, inventory, purchasing, projects, and financials on a single platform.
  • Connect and mobilize your distribution operations.
  • Go live without installing code—and minimize your IT costs.
  • Ensure your ERP platform can keep up with changes in your business.
  • “Wow” your customers by providing amazing service.





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