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How Distributors Can Boost Sales in Today's Digital Economy

How Distributors Can Boost Sales in Today's Digital Economy

Discover how Acumatica Distribution Edition can help you boost sales, reduce costs, and exceed customer expectations




Customers don’t care whether they’re buying from you, from one of your global competitors, or directly from the manufacturer. All that matters to them is that they get excellent service at the right price. So if you are going to differentiate your business by providing a better customer experience, you’ll need technology supporting your strategy.

Acumatica delivers wholesale distribution ERP software designed to help you compete in today’s digital economy. Discover what it can do for your business in this new eBook.



Distribution has changed dramatically. It is easy for manufacturers to sell direct, and the Internet enables customers to source from low-cost, global competitors. Distribution businesses must be agile and built on modern technologies to effectively manage their supply chains and customer relationships.

Customers demand omnichannel options to purchase, return, and exchange products anywhere— in-store, online, or through in-house sales departments. Online self-service and value-added services offer distributors opportunities to differentiate from competitors while increasing their bottom lines.

Entry-level systems are affordable but lack advanced features for inventory management. Smaller distributors struggle to manage complex business systems with multiple bolt-on applications for retail and online sales, order fulfillment, and shipping. Legacy ERP systems offer robust features but lack the mobility and open architecture today’s distributors need to connect with customers and suppliers.

This eBook explores how Acumatica Distribution Edition helps wholesale distributors boost sales, reduce costs, and exceed customer expectations by harnessing modern technology to grow in today’s competitive digital economy.


Read this eBook to find out how modern technology can help you:

  • Generate leads and increase sales.
  • Increase turns and minimize carrying costs.
  • Automate transactions to improve data accuracy and reduce manual entry.
  • Boost customer satisfaction with self-service tools.
  • Manage your entire business from a single application, anytime, anywhere.
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