Using ERP with CRM to Maximize Growth

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Discover how these technologies work together to help you create lasting customer relationships



Why use ERP with CRM? Because your business lives or dies by revenue generation and customer service. Because sales enablement and customer service should be every employee’s responsibility. And because the market is changing too quickly for your staff to waste time toggling between applications.

Acumatica Cloud ERP delivers ERP with CRM functionality to help your business attract new customers, close sales faster, and improve customer service.

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Maximize Growth with ERP and CRM


Sales and Net Promoter Scores soar when customer-facing employees provide the targeted service organizations need to thrive.

Instead of empowering employees, technology often frustrates them. Users waste time toggling between disparate applications, searching for related information across different operations only to find conflicting data. In addition to preventing employees from visualizing accurate customer history, these siloed applications force them to re-enter data that exists in multiple applications.

Business goals suer when employees cannot immediately access insights to inform decisions. Consequently, they develop workarounds that can bypass workflows and compromise quality. Customer requests and qualified leads fall through the cracks while employees struggle to close deals efficiently and support clients.

Unified ERP and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology can transform SMBs and set sales on an upward trajectory. Built into Acumatica’s foundation, CRM puts all customer information at employees’ fingertips. Immediate access to the single source of organizational truth enables users to move seamlessly between sales, marketing, support, and core business applications—on one interface. The 360-degree views of customer data empower employees to make informed decisions quickly and collaborate easily.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence take integrated workflows to the next level of efficiency, automatically populating forms, updating account information, and pushing tasks through to completion. Embedding ERP and CRM also cut maintenance costs associated with implementing and upgrading ERP and CRM interfaces.

Custom dashboards keep tasks and priorities front and center, ensuring employees stay on top of evolving responsibilities and gain immediate access to what they need to keep your business growing and customers happy.



In this eBook, you’ll find out how to:


  • Gain efficiency and hit your revenue goals.
  • Achieve complete transparency in your marketing and sales pipelines.
  • Support unlimited users by scaling up your business platform.
  • Drive growth and customer retention.
  • Use dashboard-based reports to inform decisions and set priorities.


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