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Business Intelligence Empowers Strategic Decisions

Business Intelligence Empowers Strategic Decisions

Most companies struggle to pinpoint the reasons behind declining productivity, rising costs, or stagnant growth. Many deploy analytical tools in search of big data, gleaning some insights but rarely enough to immediately diagnose operational issues, identify trends, and spot opportunities.

Acumatica combines the power of its award-winning ERP system with a customizable reporting engine and sophisticated business intelligence to present real-time company health analysis and personalized key performance indicators (KPIs) on each user’s homepage.

Employees can automatically retrieve the information they need to thrive. No-code/low-code report development lets them point and click their way to creating personalized dashboards and an array of dynamic reports. They can rely on dashboards to find critical tasks and priorities and automated alerts to keep tasks moving.

Pulling from a unified database, Acumatica reports put every team member on the same page with a single version of organizational truth while using role-based access to secure data.

Acumatica helps leaders ascertain company health at any time by presenting at-a-glance views of real-time reports, charts, and dashboards. In addition to accessing mission-critical information and personalized KPIs, users can investigate issues and initiate action from the report. For example, they can build pivot tables to quickly analyze core criteria from multiple perspectives, drill down to understand underlying sources, and initiate tasks in response.


Business Intelligence Empowers Strategic Decisions

Virtually every department relies on technology to automate processes. But most fail to exploit its full value. Unless organizations can gather and analyze real-time insights from each system, they will miss vital opportunities to address problems and advance goals.

To continually track sales, expenses, production, and distribution, organizations must pull financial and product data from numerous (paper and electronic) sources and develop various business reports. Still, integrating diverse financial systems does not guarantee organizations will have meaningful insights at their fingertips.



Acumatica leverages business intelligence tools, such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau to:

1. Aggregate data from multiple sources

2. Extract actionable information for strategic and tactical decision-making

3. Present data analysis visually to stakeholders

Acumatica helps transform raw financial data into powerful insights by converting business intelligence



Companies gain an end-to-end view of operations and customer activity. Acumatica combines business intelligence with its centralized database, pulling data from internal and external sources. Dashboards present a wide array of vital information, including advanced financial features for deferred and recurring revenue, budgets, project accounting, contract or policy management, billing, asset depreciation, and payroll.



In addition to consolidating all transactions and financial data across multiple product lines and business entities, Acumatica ensures users have real-time access to one version of the financial truth.




This eBook examines how organizations leverage real-time reporting with business intelligence to accelerate growth and maximize operational efficiency.


“With Acumatica, we have a lot more actionable business intelligence than we had before. I have the ability to pull reports and see the data was really eye-opening. I saw that our core business was profitable, of course, but I also saw some projects that had not been renegotiated or gone through a rate renewal in years. Those projects were not as profitable as we believed they were.”



The answers to a company’s most pressing challenges are often buried within mounds of data scattered throughout its financial and information technology systems. To uncover them, organizations must collect and transform high volumes of data into meaningful insights that provide a live window into their operations.

But finding the right answers alone will not promote profitability. Organizations must make complex data digestible at first glance. If not, they cannot seize growth opportunities or proactively resolve hidden problems.

Acumatica delivers the information companies need to grow revenue, control expenses, and make innovative decisions every day. By combining a best-inclass ERP system with a customizable, reporting system and leading business intelligence, Acumatica aggregates and converts vast amounts of raw data into mission-critical insights.

Gain greater insights and accelerate decision-making with reporting tools that deliver customized views of the business to your homepage. Acumatica keeps top priorities and responsibility in front of each user by pushing multiple KPIs, pending tasks, and reports on their home dashboard.

Leaders use real-time dashboards to quickly diagnose company health, identify performance trends, and avert disasters. They can choose from bar charts, pivot tables, and dashboards to visualize mission-critical information at-a-glance.

Employees can immediately understand their personal KPIs and how they affect the overall organization. Automatic alerts and customizable reports show them what they need to do and when they must complete it, while drilldown capabilities help them analyze contributing factors and determine the best course of action. Best of all, users can act immediately on Acumatica’s integrated reporting system.

With Acumatica, growing organizations take reporting and analysis to the next level, moving beyond balance sheets and cash flow statements to outcome-driven insights.

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