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Expand Product Lines and Control Costs with Acumatica’s Product Configurator

Product Configurator


This event has now passed. For those unable to participate in live webinars: on-demand webinars are archived recordings of our previous webinars available 24/7 for viewing at your convenience. They are recorded replays of our most popular live webinars and cover a wide range of topics.

Please click the video below to watch our on-demand webinar


Customers, consumers, and businesses are demanding more specialty features tailored to their individual needs. This makes it difficult for Manufacturers to control costs and maintain healthy margins.



Watch our on-demand webinar, “Expand Product Lines and Control Costs with Acumatica’s Product Configurator” where you will discover how modern ERP systems, such as Acumatica Cloud ERP allow manufacturers to customize their product line quickly, and reduce costs with a product configurator tool.

Acumatica’s product configurator tool also helps manufacturers with advanced planning and scheduling (APS), material requirements planning (MRP), inventory, purchasing, and production management.

Choosing an MRP suite with end-to-end manufacturing functionality gives your business the greatest advantage. More modules means not only can that software grow with you and adapt to your changing needs but also provides functionality for your entire organization.


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