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Aqurus Highlights: “50 Exceptional Shopify Stores to Inspire Entrepreneurs”


With online shopping and eCommerce exploding in 2020, Shopify took a look at some of the best online stores that have emerged recently.  With Shopify integration, these stores showcase the advantages of ecommerce with their optimized designs and features that are targeted at specific audiences.  And here’s the kicker- establishing an online presence is quicker and easier than ever in 2020.


5 Key Takeaways


  1. Design matters. Customers care about how your website looks.  Ensuring it is modern, smooth, and easy to navigate is key
  2. Be creative with your mediums. GIFs, live social media feeds, and illustrative artwork are just three ways to make your website stand out from the rest
  3. Put your product first. Converting a customer to your product is how competition is staved off.  Make sure your ecommerce presence is centered around your product and its advantages
  4. Get online sooner rather than later. COVID-19 has served to dramatically accelerate the growth of eCommerce, and you don’t want to be left behind
  5. It’s easier than you think. Building a strong ecommerce presence online isn’t the momentous task it used to be.  Personalized websites and streamlined Enterprise Resource Planning software can be implemented in 30 days


Aqurus Solutions is committed to taking your business to the next level and ecommerce is an integral part of doing so.  Aqurus’ ERP solutions go hand in hand with the future of business.


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