How to Grow Your Online Business with Acumatica and Shopify

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Coupling Acumatica Commerce Edition with your Shopify store brings together an eCommerce powerhouse with a robust cloud-based ERP to seamlessly support every aspect of your business from anywhere at any time.


Acumatica’s flexible, fully customizable ERP connects your eCommerce storefront to your financials, warehouse and distribution for a seamless experience for you and your employees, and your customers. With real-time data and insights that give you the power to make proactive decisions, a seamless customer experience that helps you attract customers for life, and a system designed to grow with your company, Acumatica is designed to help your eCommerce business grow.


Make proactive decisions to grow faster

If your system relies on manual entries, it means your data is error-prone and most likely siloed in each department — and that means it’s impossible to get an accurate picture of how your business is performing.


Acumatica ERP integrates all parts of your online business, connecting your eCommerce storefront to your financials, warehouse and distribution. This means you can easily manage your customer interactions — like pricing, returns, support issues — and any updates or changes automatically feed into your financials, without any manual adjustments. That saves you time and eliminates human error.


Since all aspects of your eCommerce business are integrated in a single cloud-based back-end application, you’ll have a complete real-time picture of what’s going on so you can make better, more proactive decisions.


With custom dashboards, you can monitor your sales, warehouse stock levels, shipping efficiency and other important finance, operations and organization information — all in real-time at a glance. With the insights available in Acumatica, you can find your most profitable products and sales regions, identify weak links in your supply chain, and reduce your costs by better controlling your inventory.


Here’s an example: If an item is suddenly selling very quickly, you can easily see if it’s time to place a large re-order or a smaller one. How? Thanks to Acumatica’s real-time data and dashboards, you’ll be able to see if the orders are coming from many sales regions or a small area, helping you determine if the sales trend is broad or localized. Ensuring your product remains available for purchase keeps sales flowing, ensures customers are happy and allows your business to continue growing.


By being able to spot trends and identify inefficiencies, you’ll be in a great position to make quick, proactive decisions that help your eCommerce business thrive and grow.


Build customer loyalty

Customer experience is everything in eCommerce. When shopping in your webstore is a great experience, customers often become loyal shoppers — and that’s very valuable to your business. But managing online sales processing through your eCommerce store alone makes it impossible to offer the experience customers expect as your business grows.


Acumatica’s integration with Shopify gives your customers what they want, when they want it. Our ERP makes it easy to create innovative offers and promotions, customer-specific pricing and customer loyalty programs, with no complex accounting required on your part. And because your eCommerce store, warehouse and fulfillment are fully integrated, the system provides tracking info for customer shipments, ensures accurate order delivery and facilitates customer returns. You’re effectively recreating the in-store experience for your customers while Acumatica does the heavy lifting in the background.


All of this adds up to a simple, streamlined customer experience that keeps customers happy — and happy customers tell their friends and routinely come back for more.


Future-proof your business

Acumatica is a fully integrated, modern platform that does it all for your eCommerce business — and it’s specifically designed for adaptability as new technologies emerge.


If you’re still using small business accounting software or legacy ERP software, your business is most likely suffering — or, at the very least, not growing as much as it could. Accounting software relies on manual entry of sales from your webstore into your back-office system — which takes time and is prone to error. This means you never have a full real-time picture of what’s going on across your business.


Legacy ERPs, on the other hand, wasn’t designed for today’s eCommerce business structure and consumer demands. Antiquated interfaces often struggle to exchange data with your eCommerce site, so you’re not getting the functionality that an ERP should be providing.


With a fully flexible and customizable interface, you can tailor Acumatica for your business needs so you always have the info you need at your fingertips — and as your needs change, it’s easy to make adjustments because most of our tools are designed to be implemented with little or no coding necessary. Plus, we’ve made security a top priority, integrating bank-level security and credit card security standards (PCI compliance), so you and your customers are always protected.


As a flexible, secure ERP designed for easy integration with Shopify, Acumatica Commerce Edition gives you real-time, end-to-end business management that will help you grow your business today and adapt for the future.


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