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Using Acumatica to Streamline Supply Chain Management Processes

Using Acumatica to Streamline Supply Chain Management Processes

Distributors of any size face many of the same global challenges. These challenges include, rapidly changing customer demands, complex product inventories and fluctuations in the supply chain. Acumatica offers a single integrated distribution management system that integrates and automates the entire quote-to-cash cycle. This week, we’ve compiled a list of must-read articles highlighting how Acumatica Distribution Edition can help you efficiently manage your wholesale distribution management needs and stay competitive in a constantly evolving industry.


Acumatica Distribution Edition: Game-Changing Benefits for Your Business

No matter where you are in the supply chain – retailer, manufacturer or service provider – or if you’re an exclusive wholesaler or distributor, you have very specific distribution needs. By offering you the ability to oversee your warehouse management, inventory management and purchasing concerns while integrating these activities with your company’s financials and sales, Acumatica Distribution Edition is the perfect solution for your supply chain management needs. Here are 4 key impacts Acumatica’s Distribution Management Software can have on your business.

Increased customer satisfaction & minimized cost

  • With Acumatica’s ERP software you gain increased visibility of your inventory and costs while also optimizing your processes – leading to happier customers and a more efficient operation.

Reduced order times

Knowing where your business is

  • You ensure a steady supply of materials by optimizing and automating your purchasing process.

Knowing your true costs

  • Using real-time information to control costs across the entire supply and distribution chain you can make better business decisions to increase profitability.

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Work On-The-Go with Mobile Supply Chain Management Software

Supply chain requirements are constantly fluctuating and becoming increasingly complex. Orders come in quickly and consumer expectations are higher than ever. Orders must be processed, filled and shipped out as soon as possible and need to be intact, correct and cost-effective for the customer. By not being able to access your supply chain wherever you are, you run the risk of causing unnecessary delays on orders or missing order changes. Any lost time can result in lost customers. EazyStock, an Acumatica-certified application, offers a mobile and integrated inventory solution. By having access to your supply chain technologies at all times, you keep a competitive edge by being able to rapidly respond to orders. As the world of supply chain and distribution management continues to change, it only makes sense that distributors change with it. Distributors who choose to implement the right distribution software propel themselves ahead of their competitors and increase customer satisfaction.

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Case Study: Pool Source LLC Optimizes Inventory Using Acumatica Cloud ERP

Pool Source LLC is an independent distributor of pool supplies located in Nashville, Tennessee. In the early stages of their business, Pool Source was struggling to optimize their supply chain management. They needed to maintain customer specific pricing, design processes for warehouse sales and deliveries, involve multiple users and use custom reporting. The Acumatica team was able to design a comprehensive ERP solution for Pool Source with their distribution software’s customizable capabilities. Some of the significant customizations Acumatica tailored to Pool Source were advanced pricing capabilities and two distinct processes for two different types of sales. Like many wholesale distributors, Pool Source has different prices for different customer accounts. Some customers have large volumes and pick up supplies on their own while others need supplies for a specific job delivered to a job site. Using Acumatica, Pool Source was able to accommodate both scenarios.

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Could your business benefit from a distribution management cloud ERP solution?

If so, please contact us at Aqurus Solutions. Distributors who choose to implement the right distribution software propel themselves ahead of their competitors and increase customer satisfaction.

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