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Acumatica’s Distribution Management ERP Solution for Wholesale Distributors

Acumatica’s Distribution Management ERP Solution for Wholesale Distributors

Distributors everywhere, large and small, are facing a multitude of challenges from continually changing customer demands and complicated product inventories to supply chain changes. To navigate this challenging time in the market, it’s essential that distributors find a distribution management ERP that they can count on. To help wholesalers find the best distribution software available we’ve compiled a list of the top must-read articles on the subject.


Selecting an ERP Solution for Wholesale Distribution

Successful wholesale businesses know what their customers want and keep their inventory optimized at all times. As a wholesaler, implementing the right distribution ERP is a critical component in ensuring your operations are streamlined, and inventory management is enhanced. Here are a few of the features to look for when selecting a distribution management ERP solution for your wholesale distribution business.

Inventory Management

For wholesale distributors, an ERP must be accurate as to the quantity of any item on hand and the location of each item. It also must make sure every item is stored in the best bin location so that it can be quickly picked and shipped.

Kitting and Assembly

Many wholesalers go beyond merely storing inventory for their customers. Often they perform final assembly of products. For wholesale distributors to offer this light manufacturing to customers, their distribution management solution should include the bill of materials and assembly jobs features.

Third-Party Warehouses

It’s essential that the ERP you choose allows the use of multiple warehouses, including those operated by other businesses. ERP for a warehouse business should enable orders to be shipped from any warehouse but generally will default to a single shipment from the same warehouse.

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A Modern ERP Solution for Wholesale Distribution Management

As technology and customer expectations advance in the wholesale distribution industry, so should an organization’s distribution software. Acumatica offers a single wholesale distribution ERP software that integrates and automates the entire quote to cash cycle. Their modern wholesale distribution ERP software provides tools to help you manage all aspects of your business from one secure location. Here are a few of the benefits of Acumatica for Wholesale Distribution:

  • Optimize your purchase-to-pay process and improve customer service.
  • Grow with excellent quote-to-cash and customer service management.
  • Gain supply side visibility and high availability, optimize operations and minimize inventory costs.
  • See how a single source of data and reports available anytime, anywhere and on any device can streamline your business.

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Why Choose Acumatica’s Wholesale Distribution Software

Acumatica is quickly ascending to the top of the list of wholesale distribution software solutions distributors are choosing to run their operations, here are few reasons why:

Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Acumatica’s BI automatically analyzes the collected data creating custom visual representations with real-time data allowing distributors to effectively spot trends.


  • With Acumatica, wholesale customers have 24/7 access to a customer portal where they can view past documents, balances, due dates, received payments and order online.


  • As a cloud-based, mobile-friendly ERP solution, Acumatica gives employees access to accurate, business-critical information on any device, anywhere, anytime.


  • Acumatica is designed explicitly with a robust pricing algorithm; customer specific pricing is simple enough for small business and broad enough for intricate multi-national corporations.


  • By cross-referencing with multiple item identification by individual suppliers and your system, Acumatica can improve overall shipping accuracy.

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With features like business intelligence, eCommerce, mobility, pricing and shipping, Acumatica is the right wholesale distribution software choice for distributors.

Remember, the company you choose to implement your software dictates the success or failure of your software investment. At  Aqurus, we’re passionate about providing superior ERP solutions and support.

Want more information on Acumatica’s Distribution Management ERP and how it could impact your business? Find out more here.

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