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Top Five Inventory Business Benefits

Top Five Inventory Business Benefits


Today’s video covers some great benefits of the Acumatica solution, primarily focusing on Inventory Management.


The Top Five Benefits of running Acumatica to manage your inventory are:

  1.  Mobility with secure access from anywhere
  2.  Improve your Customer Satisfaction
  3.  Manage Costs efficiently and effectively
  4.  Speeding up Data entry while reducing errors
  5.  Accelerating your decision making


Mobility with Secure Access from Anywhere

A web-based solution accessible either at your desk, couch or your fingertips, allows you to stay mobile, with innovative technology. Need to post an order, but you’re skiing in Banff? Do it on your phone.

Improve your Customer Satisfaction

Fulfill orders as promised, honour your customer contracts, and find invoice orders seamlessly with real-time access to inventory levels, and customer-specific profiles.

Manage Your Costs

Want to know what your inventory turnover is like? For a specific warehouse? Specific product? Manage your overhead, and use the power of your data, to make changes. Use your data to predict future trends, and have insight into what your operations are actually costing you.

Speed up Data Entry while Reducing Errors

Save time entering data with default settings and configurations made for sub-items, accounts, valuation methods, default vendors etc. Use features like creating a PO directly from a SO to have an open sales order, even if you need to order products to fulfill.

Purchasers know vendor codes better? That’s fine, use those codes for THEM instead. Is updating vendor price lists a time-consuming initiative several times a year? Mass upload prices in seconds instead.

Accelerate your Decision Making

Use your data to power your decisions. Want to know whether or not to pull certain products from one warehouse and move them to another? Or eliminate products that don’t move? Do you need to buy another warehouse, or can you even do so? Use the platform to give you an insight into your business.


Cloud ERP provides the best business management solution for transforming your company to thrive in the new digital economy. Through leading-edge technology, best in class functionality, and customer-friendly business practices, Acumatica delivers unparalleled value to small and midmarket organizations. Integrated workflows span the full suite of business management applications, from Financials, Project Accounting, and Inventory Management to CRM. Specialized industry solutions include Construction Edition, Manufacturing Edition, Commerce Edition and Field Service Edition and Distribution Edition. Acumatica is built on a future-proof platform with open architecture for scalability, ease of use, and rapid integrations. Connected Business. Delivered.




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