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Item Management Software That’s Built for Growing Distributors


This solution brief identifies five easy ways to simplify item management with Acumatica Distribution Edition




Drowning in products? Struggling to distinguish between tiny variations in item attributes? Looking for an easier way to optimize your portfolio? Simplify the task of tracking costs and pricing—and spend more time focusing on customer service with the right item management software.


Acumatica Distribution Edition is designed to help you do all of that and more. Learn how to simplify item creation, long-term item maintenance, purchasing, and sales processes in a new solution brief from Acumatica.

Read this solution brief to find out how you can:

  • Automate and streamline item creation, sales, and purchasing processes.
  • Create kits with advanced disassembly features.
  • Manage recalls and quality control with traceability.
  • Master unit of measure conversion—at last.
  • Limit risk and exposure for perishable inventory—lowering your costs and increasing your profitability.


Distributors struggle to manage items and product families effectively without a modern ERP application. It is difficult to differentiate between items that have slight variations causing errors in purchasing and sales. It is equally challenging to manage extensive product families with different units of measure, attributes, and serial or lot tracking with expiration dates. Acumatica makes variable item management easy with matrix items, kitting and disassembly, lot and serial traceability, flexible unit of measure conversions, and expiration dates.

Acumatica Distribution Edition helps distributors reduce shipping and carrying costs, minimize write-offs for spoilage or obsolescence, and increase sales with integrated commerce. This provides a distinct competitive advantage with lower prices, higher profits, and on-time shipments. It includes everything distributors need to grow their business while creating an exceptional customer experience.


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