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How to Count Physical Inventory with Acumatica

How to Count Physical Inventory with Acumatica
How do you prepare an inventory count within Acumatica?

Keeping track of your inventory is simple with Acumatica:

  • Navigate to the Inventory module and select Prepare Physical Count.
  • Select the Search icon in the Type ID field of the blank form and select the type of count you would like to perform.
  • Click Generate PI.
  • Count your inventory using Acumatica WMS Solution or another tool.
  • Enter your count under Physical Quantity.
  • Select Finish Counting to complete the count – Acumatica will do the rest!


Step 1: Preparing a Physical Count within Acumatica

Navigate to the Inventory module located in the menu to open the Inventory: Quick Menu in your Acumatica account. From here, select the link for Prepare Physical Count – this is located under Physical Inventory.

Step 2: Select the Type ID

Once you have navigated to the Prepare Physical Count page, you will be presented with a blank form. Click the search icon in the Type ID field of the blank form. This is where you can select the criteria by which you would like to count your inventory. Acumatica’s flexibility allows you to count your inventory based on your business preferences – you can count by year, quarter, item class, item type, location, etc. In this tutorial, we are doing a full inventory account.

The system will generate a table showing all of the items that you will be counting along with their details.

Step 3: Generate Physical Inventory Review

Simply click Generate PI to prompt the actual inventory count. The Physical Inventory Review will open – this displays the items that are being counted, their details and book quantity.

Note: Once the inventory is allocated to a physical count, the inventory is frozen. This means that your items cannot be moved from the warehouse until the count is complete. Typically, we’d recommend performing your physical inventory counts after hours to avoid any conflicts with shipments that may be leaving. You CAN allocate items to a sales order during a physical count, they just CANNOT be shipped out.

Step 4: Count Your Inventory

You can use any counting tools that you would like. We would recommend the Acumatica WMS Solution, which is a built in system that allows you to use a scanning device to count your items. Alternatively, you can manually enter the quantities using your phone, tablet or other mobile device.

Step 5: Record the Physical Quantity in Acumatica

Within the Physical Inventory Review enter your physical count into the Physical Quantity column. Acumatica will identify the variance and adjust the inventory appropriately.

Step 6: Finish the Inventory Count

Once you have entered the physical quantity of your items, click Finish Counting. Acumatica will make all of the adjustments required from an accounting perspective as well as from an inventory standpoint.


It’s that easy!


If you’re interested in learning more about Acumatica, or if you simply need to vent about your current inventory management system, contact our team.

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