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How the Right Distribution Management ERP Can Boost Your Business

How the Right Distribution Management ERP Can Boost Your Business

The distribution industry will never provide certainties, but the right ERP can help increase profitability and strategic decision making in the face of uncertainty. Acumatica offers a single integrated distribution management system that automates processes and reduces errors in purchasing, inventory and customer support. This week we’ve compiled a list of must-read articles highlighting how the right distribution management ERP solution can help your business thrive.


Improve Inventory Management with a Distribution ERP

ERP distribution systems help you track, monitor, predict and manage your inventory so that you satisfy your customers and your revenue targets. One way a distribution ERP can improve your inventory management is by allowing you to track your inventory across multiple facilities. An ERP gives your team instant access to a centralized inventory database that’s updated in real-time so you know exactly what you can or can’t fulfill and when the customer can expect delivery. Secondly, with automated ERP features, you can improve inventory management by eliminating wasted storage space, human error and delays. Using your ERP, you can base ordering on pre-set time intervals, actual stock level and predicted demand. Finally, you will have access to better demand forecasting reports from the real-time data provided by your ERP. No more basing critical business decisions on old data pulled together from multiple, discordant data sets, you can gather all insights from your ERP’s reporting and analytics module with just a few clicks.

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Adapting Your Distribution Management ERP to Meet Millennial Buyer’s Needs

Millennials are transforming both their own shopping habits and their parents’. With millennials making up more than a quarter of the Canadian population, it’s important to understand their needs and shopping habits and use them to help your business succeed.

  • Return Options

    More than half of millennials look for the cheapest return options when placing orders. Take advantage of this desire by developing excellent return processes that are simple to customers and provide them with low cost.

  • Customer Loyalty

    Millennial’s loyalty should be captured in the CRM component for an ERP. The CRM might offer discounts based on order volume or other factors to deserving customers. The system could also suggest items based on previous orders and items related to the customer’s search patterns.

  • Online Experience

    Whether you sell directly to customers or through retail stores, the millennial customer wants a seamless experience. Develop ways to have a single conversation with customers whether on a computer, a smartphone, or in person. When there are third-party retailers in the chain, work them to maintain that single conversation.

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Case Study: Why Berthold Technologies Chose Acumatica Distribution Edition

Berthold Technologies is a global leader in high-performance measurement technology and detection systems in the fields of process control, life sciences, and radiation protection. Though the company uses modern electronics and software to produce top-notch instruments and service, their back-office system was not supporting them. Before they adopted a distribution management ERP solution, their inventory, financial and CRM systems were all siloed and disconnected. Their disparate systems and resulting inefficiencies lead them to research their cloud ERP options. After researching their options, Berthold Technologies decided to partner with Acumatica.

“It’s the mobility, the streamlining, putting everything into one system, the flexibility of Acumatica to update, customize, change. We can change little things within Acumatica to match our current processes.”

– Chip Hooks, Controller, Berthold Technologies

The advantages of cloud-based distribution management software for Berthold Technologies were:

  1. Integrated and streamlined databases

  2. Single version of the truth

  3. Ability to customize

  4. Mobility and remote access

  5. Increased efficiency

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Could your business benefit from a distribution management cloud ERP solution?

If you’re interested, please contact us at Aqurus Solutions. Distributors who choose to implement the right distribution software propel themselves ahead of their competitors and increase customer satisfaction.

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