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3 Lessons Modular Construction Companies Learn from Manufacturing Industry

3 Lessons Modular Construction Companies Learn from Manufacturing Industry

Modular construction companies are facing similar challenges as manufacturing companies these days. For example, how many projects have been delayed because the necessary parts or materials to complete the job were out of stock? That’s just one example of how construction is looking more like manufacturing. Here are 3 lessons learned in the manufacturing industry that you can apply to your construction company.

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Lesson 1: Get Connected

The advent of 3D modelling and digitized processes has many construction companies building modules and assembling pieces off-site rather than building from scratch onsite. However, those companies still run their internal processes like construction companies.

Manufacturing benefitted from several innovations, particularly in automation, over the last two decades. These companies have gone from disjointed and siloed to efficient machines with seamless workflows and integration between departments. A similar approach to integrated systems and workflows could impact the construction industry tremendously.

And being a latecomer to the party has its advantages in this case. Much of the protocols and connectivity are already defined and in use globally. For example, Forbes stated that construction companies can implement innovations from the manufacturing industry like more advanced automation as general contractors continue to evolve “to become manufacturers, [and] manufacturers are going to realign some of their processes to feed [construction].”

Lesson 2: Tighten Modular Construction Controls

Another way that construction follows in manufacturing’s footsteps is in the advent of 3D modeling and modular construction. This has led to more building being done off-site rather than at the job site. Just as in manufacturing, production comes to a standstill if the required elements are not on hand.

Manufacturing’s journey proved that manual processes and disconnected systems were insufficient to establish or maintain the logistics, planning, and tight controls needed to maintain healthy inventory levels. Solutions such as the Acumatica Construction Edition include automated, dynamic dashboards with drill-down reports. These visual reports notify you of real-time changes that may impact project scopes, labour, materials, and equipment. Ultimately, your team is empowered to make more informed decisions, control projects and processes better, and improve productivity.

Lesson 3: Change Is Good

Implementing new systems and processes often requires internal changes to how your teams do their work daily. Selecting software built for the unique demands and diverse users within the Modular Construction industry will increase your chance of success when it comes time to train your construction project managers and on-site teams.

For example, Acumatica’s built-in mobile access lets your field supervisors quickly see job costs and budget data from the road. Acumatica enables drill-downs so they can see project changes in real-time. And Acumatica saves time by reducing manual processes such as uploading receipts and tracking time.

Future Proof Your Technology

Acumatica‘s modern technology enables your company to operate and thrive in the new digital business environment. Your construction business can easily connect the front office with on-site teams with Acumatica’s modular architecture, which makes it easy to configure and customize processes and reports to fit your business processes.

Eliminate the complex customizations and one-off integrations that are fragile, expensive, and challenging to maintain. Acumatica’s future-proof cloud platform and mobile technology centralize information from across the company into a single source that your teams can access anytime, anywhere, from any device, without the need for middleware.

An Acumatica Partner Can Guide You

At Aqurus, we know how valuable Acumatica ERP software is for businesses – especially those in Distribution, eCommerce, and the retail industry. If you’re interested in how Acumatica’s Cloud ERP Software can boost your business, the Aqurus team is passionate about smooth implementation and ongoing support. Contact us today.

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