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Grow Your Business with Construction Management Software

Construction ERP Handbook

Attempting to run and grow a successful construction organization in today’s business environment is a multilayered undertaking with many moving parts and players. With shifting industry demands and building delivery methods, it’s more important than ever to focus on efficiencies and productivity, high-quality, on-budget project delivery, open communication between associates and clients, profitability, and client satisfaction—all while taking on more projects.

There are many Construction Management Software solutions on the market today that can solve pieces of this puzzle, but few are able to offer a holistic answer to the problems that the modern contractor faces—handling bids, project management, budgets and job costing, subcontractors, compliance, and so much more.

This handbook guides construction companies through the evolving world of Construction ERP applications, including functional requirements based on the type of construction and the contracting services provided. Readers will discover differences between general ERP and industry applications, standard features available in midmarket ERP systems, and industry-specific requirements.


In this handbook, construction organizations and contractors can discover:

  • How project scope and duties impact system needs
  • What the 4 major construction types are, and the ERP features they require
  • How legacy construction ERP solutions fare against core construction ERP systems
  • What general ERP and contractor-specific ERP features look like
  • Why Acumatica’s construction ERP is the way to go


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Grow Your Construction Business with a Complete, Streamlined, Modern Construction ERP Solution


Operating and growing a construction firm in today’s business environment is a multilayered undertaking. Shifting industry demands and building delivery methods make it more important than ever to gain efficiencies and deliver on-budget, high-quality projects with high levels of client satisfaction.

Many ERP solutions and applications only solve pieces of the puzzle, leading to information silos, double data entry, and a lack of real-time information flow between the office and the job site.

Acumatica Construction Management Software Edition is a scalable, true cloud ERP application that provides best-in-class functionality in a single, cohesive platform configured to meet the needs of general contractors, specialty subcontractors, homebuilders, land developers, and civil construction businesses.

Improve customer service and drive out inefficient processes with accurate, complete, and real-time insights into all areas of your business. Unique consumption-based licensing makes Acumatica an affordable option for all sectors of the construction industry.

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