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For those unable to participate in live webinars: on-demand webinars are archived recordings of previous Aqurus' webinars available 24/7 for viewing at your convenience. They are recorded replays of our most popular live Webinars and cover a wide range of topics.


Excel-based Reporting for Acumatica


Build Your Own Reports in Excel With Live Data in Less Than 5 Minutes





Bring Your ERP and Your Excel Worlds Together With Velixo

Velixo is a simple, manageable solution that gives you real-time access to your ERP data as well as tools that facilitate reporting, planning, data management, and business process automation – all from the comfort of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.



Join the Aqurus Solutions team for a 30-minute webinar featuring Velixo. Velixo Reports is an Excel-based reporting tool that was built from the ground up for Acumatica by Acumatica Experts. Velixo Reports adds a new toolbar to Excel and more than 60 functions specially designed to work with General Ledger, Project Data and Generic Inquiries.

Velixo will cover how to simplify reporting for your business and build your own Excel reports in less than 5 minutes!    

This presentation covers how Velixo is installed and how to run a simple trial balance using Velixo, moving on to focus on the functionalities:



Project Module

Extracting Gi’s and support documentation