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Taking Off: Manufacturing SMBs

Every rocket started on the launch pad before soaring into orbit. From inception to success, you’ve been crafting your vision and your strategy. You haven’t been successful by accident.

Small and medium businesses in the manufacturing sector don’t get the credit they deserve for the across the board innovation they bring to the table. Large organizations typically get the attention. But that is okay because you are too busy leapfrogging them to notice anyway.

So what do SMBs have going for them (aside from everything)?


Manage Product Complexity

Delivering successful products in the manufacturing industry as a SMB shows you are able to adapt. Where larger companies can be lumbering giants who are forced to be reactive, you are nimble and use your size as a proactive advantage. You do what you are good at and play to your strengths, both in the market and when it comes to your products.

In an environment of fast-changing technologies and shorter product lifecycles, understanding who your customer is and what they need is everything. Controlling your data is a huge leg up in managing your product complexity. Choose an all in one package that eliminates the need to switch back and forth between programs.


Control Manufacturing Costs

Successful SMBs don’t let the pieces of the puzzle get lost. What does measuring your end-to-end manufacturing functionality look like for your business? A flexible ERP system adapts and grows with you, whether you want to measure your inventory, operational costs, administrative costs or your shipments.

As an SMB, you are the perfect size to keep everything under one umbrella. Integrating your processes keeps your vision aligned with everything you do.


Gain Visibility and Cultivate Collaboration

People don’t have incredible breakthroughs when they are toiling away on projects they are disinterested in. When your employees have their fingers on the pulse of your manufacturing, they are engaged in what is happening in your company. As a smaller company, your employees may have grown with you from the beginning. Maintaining that culture helps you continue on your trajectory to continued success.

Connecting all points of your business with the data they need means moving faster. Empower your team to collaborate effectively from anywhere. Web-based access means you can navigate your business data and documents from headquarters, factories, remote offices and on the road.


The Acumatica Solution

You understand your market and we understand ours. Unlock your business potential and implement your manufacturing on cloud technology. If you’ve outgrown your current support (think of the basic Excel, Quickbooks or Freshbooks) or if you are ready for a scalable ERP solution to support your financials, distribution and manufacturing, Acumatica is here to support you.

Acumatica delivers a feature-rich, fully integrated manufacturing, distribution, and accounting solution. Manage sales, inventory, material planning, master production schedules, using nothing more than a web-browser. Acumatica works for you in the way you need to work – fast and easy to change to adapt to even the most complex data you need to capture and use.

Learn more about Acumatica for Manufacturing


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