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Acumatica Manufacturing Edition - Cloud Manufacturing ERP Software

Take a look at a video playlist we’ve put together that demonstrates how Acumatica Cloud ERP handles manufacturing.  Follow along to see how Acumatica’s industry-leading software creates a sale quote, production order, and inventory purchase order to fulfill customer demands. Along the way, you’ll see how Acumatica tracks the whole process from start to finish and shows you the information you need when you need it.


In this video, we demonstrate a manufacturing example handled in Acumatica. With Acumatica being rated the Best Manufacturing Solution on the market we thought we’d share an example of a manufacturing scenario. The example: A client places an order for a manufactured panel that is tracked as a project (a project manufacturer). This item is serialized and the components are only ever purchased to manufacture this item, whereby we mass create purchase orders and allocate the inventory upon receipt directly to the production order. After the item is manufactured we serialize the panels and ship them to the client directly, and illustrate how workflows and dashboards make invoicing and shipping seamless.




Part 1 – The Dive, logging in and an overview of the dashboards.


Part 2 – We create a sales quote and copy it to an order for the customer.


Part 3 –  We create a project from the Sales Order directly, then create a production order directly from the project.


Part 4 – Overview of a bill of material, work centers, and components. Also how you are able to track revisions of a BOM.


Part 5 – We need to order the demanded inventory being triggered from the production order. The six components are consolidated into four purchase orders and help streamline procurement and leave no room for error.


Part 6 – We receive the goods into inventory and allocate them directly to the production order.


Part 7 – After the item has been manufactured it will need to be received into inventory and serialized as per this particular example. We now see a total of 5 appearing in stock, and are ready to be shipped to a customer.


Part 8 – Once the item is completed and manufactured it must be sent off to the customer and invoiced.




Acumatica Manufacturing Demos


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