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9 Ways Midmarket Manufacturing Companies Can Thrive



Read this solution brief to learn proven strategies to thrive in the new digital economy.


Manufacturers face intensified global competition, increased product complexity, offshore logistics challenges, shorter product life cycles, and modern technology requirements. To drive growth, manufacturers need to focus on what they do best: designing and manufacturing great products while providing exceptional customer service. The last thing they should ever have to worry about is their ERP software or connected business applications. Acumatica is a full-suite, cloud-native ERP application. It provides manufacturers with adaptable tools and technologies to improve efficiency, decrease costs, generate leads, and increase revenue to grow and transform their businesses effectively in the new digital economy.



This Solution Brief outlines nine ways Acumatica helps manufacturers grow. You’ll learn nine strategies that you can apply right away to drive better bottom-line results.


STRATEGY #1 Drive Growth Through Manufacturing Efficiency

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition provides an integrated suite of applications designed to eliminate inefficiency through automation and actionable business insights.


STRATEGY #2 Streamline Processes with Connected Supply Chains

Acumatica provides a collaboration platform connecting your business with customers, dealers, and partners to improve efficiency in all areas of your business.


STRATEGY #3 Generate More Leads and Close More Business

Acumatica provides all the tools manufacturers need to sell more products and services.


STRATEGY #4 Provide Exceptional Service

With embedded CRM and field service applications, Acumatica provides the ideal platform for delivering world-class services.


STRATEGY #5 Optimize Inventory for Maximum Profits

Optimize inventory levels, automate processes, and implement just-in-time strategies to save time and increase inventory turns with Acumatica inventory management and manufacturing suite.


STRATEGY #6 Manage Compliance & Risk Effectively

Acumatica includes dozens of features to help you manage requirements to remain in compliance. Database level security, audit files, security roles, wikis, and document management support your quality and compliance initiatives. Additional features are available from integrated marketplace applications to improve quality management throughout the production process.


STRATEGY #7 Minimize Technology Costs

Acumatica offers unique, consumption-based licensing with no hidden fees. You have free access to your data even if you leave.


STRATEGY #8 Gain Actionable Insights

The Acumatica platform harnesses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide actionable insights. Take advantage of configurable dashboards as well as hundreds of reports and inquiries.


STRATEGY #9 Extend and Enhance Your Technology Investment

Acumatica is a modern-day, cloud-native ERP application ready for artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is mature and rich in functionality without the complexity associated with traditional ERP systems. It is easy to use and scalable across industries and company sizes. For specialized business needs, trust the Acumatica partner community to discover even more ways to grow your business.



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