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Distribution and Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is one of the most crucial elements of any products-based business. It can be the difference between delighted (repeat) customers and single-time customers with high refund rates. It can be the difference between a smoothly-running operation and devastating production scheduling upsets.  In today’s business environment, the importance of Supply Chain Management cannot be overstated.

Upset or Happy Customers?

Put yourself in the role of your best customer for a moment. Imagine the confidence and trust this person feels, based upon your assurances that their order will be delivered when and where specified. After all, this wasn’t problem when your company was smaller, but now you have multiple warehouses and additional sources of raw materials. The import process has gotten more complex as you’ve gone further afield to find more cost-effective materials. Multiple shipping channels have also become a factor for both costs and timeliness of deliveries.

Yet you are still trying to manage it all with a “Frankensystem” of spreadsheets and simple, home-built applications that don’t talk to each other, provide no information to other departments, and it’s only a matter of time before something falls through the cracks  – why risk it?

Supply Chain Management Solution

The best Supply Chain Management Solutions incorporate inputs from all aspects of the company. Sales Forecasts  influence procurement levels. Source delivery scheduling supports lean manufacturing programs and inventory management planning cycles. Production scheduling  impacts distribution, final delivery and cash flow projections. Often this is accomplished with direct input from your suppliers and vendors.

Inventory Management

Multiple warehouses, defective returns, same/similar items with different descriptions, SKUs, cost of inventory, etc. These are a few of the complications that come with complex warehouse management scenarios. Imagine if you could have a system that presented items reports based upon whatever parameters you needed – single warehouse, multiple locations, defective item returns, inventory costs, etc. Combine that with an integrated, yet simple control system found in Acumatica’s Distribution Suite and you have the makings of a warehouse management system that keeps you in control.


Supply-side and production scheduling is crucial to maintaining an efficient, customer-pleasing operation. Acumatica’s Distribution Suite combines advanced scheduling with flexible custom reporting and integrated processes so you can always deliver the goods.


Distribution will always play a key role in keeping your customers happy. From bulk shipments across multiple jurisdictions to multi-warehouse distribution challenges, lot breakdowns, and returns, Acumatica’s Distribution Suite will get your product there, every time.

Acumatica Distribution Suite

To support effective growth and keep your customers satisfied and purchasing from you, Acumatica’s Distribution Suite is an absolute necessity.

Acumatica ERP wins 2016 SIAA CODiE award for

‘Best Supply Chain Management Solution”

Check out the Distribution Management Suite datasheet for a complete listing of all modules.

Download Datasheet


Impress your customers by really getting to know them. Access their history as a customer and cover your entire sales lifecycle, from quote creation to revenue recognition. Quote-to-cash is important to your business in order to make sure your sales team and customer service can access key information whenever they need to.

Supply Side Distribution

The right item available for sale at the right time for the right price to the right customer. Increased visibility of your inventory allows for knowing the true availability of your products, how much is on hand in your warehouses and what products are moving.

Better Decisions with Better Information

Visibility and cohesion of your product development, production and product distribution can be a challenge. Being able to effectively analyze your own data as well as information on your market and customers helps you maximize revenue, profits and deliver value.

Acumatica for Distribution

Convert leads to orders, orders to shipments and shipments to revenue with Acumatica’s sales order management, purchasing, inventory management, warehousing, and other order fulfillment capabilities.

Manage web presence and e-commerce with Acumatica’s e-commerce solution, tightly integrated with customer management, order entry, inventory, order fulfillment and accounting

Acumatica’s Sales Order Management Suite improves the total experience of employees, customers, and suppliers.

Video: Inventory Management Demo
The Distribution Management Suite manages the complexities of distribution such as purchasing, ordering, tracking inventory, filling orders, and delivering customer support.
Video: Workflow Automation and Overview
This video provides an overview of the automation tools found inside Acumatica Cloud ERP software with a deeper dive into some of the specific processes around automation steps.

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