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Acumatica Overview – Creating a New Warehouse

Acumatica Overview – Creating a New Warehouse



Creating a new warehouse in Acumatica is easy, and loading in hundreds of Inventory Items into your new expansion takes minutes. Expanding and moving into your new location is enough work in itself, that’s why Acumatica’s Load from File feature, allows for easy uploads from Excel, making warehouse setup in the system seamless.


Warehouse templates, take an existing warehouse configuration and replicate the exact details into the new warehouse that is created, including GL Accounts, warehouse locations (receiving dock, storage room 1, main room etc.) and company details. If the warehouse has any differences, feel free to change them, as you are not bound to the template, modify it if you need to, but either way you’ve saved time on data entry.


Templates are available across many different aspects of the system (not just warehouses), and allow for quick duplication, without all the affiliated data entry.


Another great example of Acumatica’s usability.


This three-minute video demonstrates:
1. Creating a new Warehouse in Acumatica
2. Manipulating our excel export from stock items and adding the appropriate columns. Warehouse, Location (within the warehouse), and Quantities 3. Loading in our new records, and releasing the inventory receipt. We finish by verifying that the quantities exist for two items in our new Warehouse that is created in minutes.

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