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Distribution Edition

Complete, Connected, Mobile.

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Modern distribution companies need to increase customer satisfaction, automate data capture, simplify tracking and prioritize directed picking for 5 main reasons:

  1. Reduce errors
  2. Increase customer satisfaction
  3. Automate data capture
  4. Simplify tracking
  5. Prioritized, directed picking

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Flexible, Integrated, and Extensible Distribution ERP Software

Simplify Item Management

Streamline inventory processes with user-defined units of measure (UOM) conversions, kitting, matrix items, and native commerce connectors. Improve quality with lot and serial tracking with expiration dates.

Automate Your Warehouse

Streamline the pick, pack, and ship process using native, mobile WMS applications with barcoding. Prioritize picking queues with warehouse transfers and advanced wave and batch picking.


Boost Sales

Enhance marketing and sales processes with configurable CRM sales workflows. Sell more with item substitutions, cross-sell, and up-sell features powered by artificial intelligence with machine learning.